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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset the camera?
Create an empty reset.txt file on the root directory of the TF card
Insert that TF card into the device, pull out the charger and recharge it ,wait for several minutes till camera says waiting for connection
Follow the instructions step by step to re connect the device.

How do I build an empty reset.txt file?
Insert the TF card to a card reader, connect the reader to your PC, and save the reset.txt file to the root directory of TF card.
If you don’t have a card reader, please use your android phone as a card reader. Put the TF card into the phone and follow the above steps.

What should I do when my Wi-Fi changes?
You will find the device offline when you are at the app’s home page.
Open your phone Wi-Fi setting and connect to the hotspot named JH08_XXXXX with password 88888888.
Go back to WD SmartHome you’ll find the camera on line .
Click the camera, find Wi-Fi setting, and connect the device to your new Wi-Fi network.

What should I do when I forget my account login password?
Click the recover password at the login page and validate your email ,you will get an email later, please follow the instructions in email to find back your password.

What should I do if I do not get any alerts.  
Please confirm several things:
a. your alert setting is on  
b. your alert schedule is everyday from 00:00 to 23:59    
c. your alert settings are motion & voice included  
d. your phone notification setting allows JimiLivePro receive all the push.

What should I do if I can not play history video
a. please make sure that your recording mode is not off.
b. make sure the TF card you insert is FAT32 format and between 4G to 32G memory
c. please upgrade the app and hardware to the latest version.
d. it is better to format TF card

LED light status
a. Blue light on constantly means it is waiting for connection, or maybe it is device’s Wi-Fi status has changed, please set the device Wi-Fi.
b. Blue light blinking steady means working normally.
c. Blue light blinking fast means it is connecting Wi-Fi.
d. Red light blinking fast means it is upgrading.
e. Red light on constantly means device is going to start on.
f. Red light blinking twice fast very time means someone is watching the real-time monitoring screen.
g. Red light blinking once fast every time means it is recording .

Router setting
a. Use WPA-WAP2 way of encryption.
b. Don't use foreign SSID.
c. For now, it doesn’t support Wi-Fi hotspot like 360AP or Xiaomi Wi-Fi.
d. It doesn’t support hidden SSID

Instant Alerts

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Offsite Backup

2 Way Talk

Infrared Night Vision

Multiple Users

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